Port Dalrymple School Redevelopment

January 5, 2015

Mendelssohn Construction has completed an unexpected rebuild due to termites of the Port Dalrymple school in Georgetwn Tas. After removing extensive asbestos and floor sheeting to a large area of building we discovered the buildings were infested with Bush Termites (yes thats right!) and the buildings were partially demolished and rebuilt. Mendelssohn Construction received a letter from Phil Challis, School Principle – saying

“As I moved about the school this morning I had the opportunity to observe your crew at work outside, bringing out concrete blocks and moving gravel.  I also observed them at work through the windows of the classrooms.

May I commend you on the team you have.  I have worked on building sites as a labourer during university days and have some familiarity with them.  I have had opportunities to have had several large projects or construction tasks in progress in my schools.  On every occasion I have observed your crew, today and during the past two weeks, they have been highly engaged.  They move quickly, keep at tasks, don’t stand about and they seem to be self managing.  I don’t believe I have observed one watching another at work.

Please pass on to your crew the observed value they appear to place on their work and on returning a fair effort to their employer.  Two other senior staff have observed similarly.

They also have supported us with excellent cooperation and outstanding courtesy, regardless of who has interacted with them, whether senior staff, teachers, office staff and ancillary staff..  They are a credit to your company, yourself and your foremen”.