Asbestos Remediation of Heritage Artefacts

Asbestos Remedial Works of Heritage Artefacts

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG)


The QVMAG is in 2 locations in Launceston as a natural museum and art gallery. Established in 1891, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery has a strong reputation for its collection which includes fine exhibitions of colonial art, contemporary craft and design, Tasmanian history and natural sciences, specifically a zoology collection.

Mendelssohn Construction were contracted for remedial works and decontamination of dust and house dust from the Conservation Building (compressor room and substation room).

In order to complete the works with minimum risk to the health and safety the building was shut down to all general access and the building itself formed the exclusion zone for majority of the works, negative air units were set up and run throughout the duration of the project.

As part of the remediation the heritage trains and electrical mains room were found to contain asbestos, being heritage artefacts, the hazardous material had to be encapsulated and sealed to ensure no damage to the heritage trains or electrical mains room and that they remained in their natural state.


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Asbestos Remedial Works