Trade Training Centre Expansion

Commercial Building – Where the future begins

Port Dalrymple Trade Training Centre Expansion

This commercial building, trade training centre at Georgetown’s focus is in Hospitality, Automotive and Construction. The centres vision is to enable Tasmanians to gain the skills and qualifications needed for the state’s workforce and the community to succeed and prosper in their chosen field.

The expansion of the trade training centre has allowed for the students to have classrooms to focus on their studies and further develop their skills with state of the art facilities and the support of their educators.

Mendelssohn where able to provide the services and skills to equip the training centre with new facilities with little interruption to schooling schedules. Some of these services included;

  • Installation of suspended ceiling and administrative and learning areas including electrical, plastering, fittings and joinery, flooring and painting;
  • Classroom expansion and addition;
  • Addition of a meeting room;
  • Administrative offices extension;
  • Relocation of server room and data points.
Commercial Building

Went above and beyond to ensure the overall project was completed with minimum disruption to our work space, priority was always about a safe work place and communication with staff was exceptional.

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