Project Type

Fire Damaged Building Remediation

About The Project

Demolition and asbestos removal to fire damaged buildings are a breeze for Mendelssohn construction. with the use of large machinery the demolition process has additional cost for machinery transportation, but is offset by speed and efficiency of the right equipment.

Demolition and asbestos removal Tasmania

Project Overview

Mendelssohn Construction conducts fire damaged building remediation and removal for various councils and insurance companies. this particular site has been home to squatters for some time and extensively contaminated by asbestos .

Services and demolition

Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed timeframes whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees and the public. These services included;

  • Friable asbestos removal
  • safe demolition
  • site clearing

Challenges encountered throughout project were;

  • close proximity to neighbours
  • tight access site
  • heavy traffic road frontage
Demolition and asbestos removal Tasmania