​Examiner Building

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Asbestos Remediation and Renovation

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The 1840s-era Paterson St building was the home of the Examiner from 1848 – 2015 the objective of the move in 1848 was to upsize to the new Paterson St building. The Examiner has since moved on to a smaller but more fit for purpose headquarters, however the façade of the building remains heritage listed and is owned by a local consortium.

Examiner Building

Mendelssohn Construction were contracted to perform asbestos removal and renovations to the complex prior to the move in 2014, as part of this contract a total of 1200m2 of asbestos materials were removed including vinyl flooring, ceiling linings and ceiling voids over occupied offices. In order to complete the works with minimum risk to the health and safety of the staff, all works had to be carried out after hours then fully encapsulated to allow the daily operations of the examiner office to continue during the day.

Complex scaffolding had to be erected through the grid ceiling to allow access to the affected areas. Prior to this being able to go ahead the area had to be lined with woven plastic and all electrical and hydraulics had to be isolated. The decontamination chambers where erected with negative air units at the rear access door with decontamination units at the opposite end. The area required a smoke and pressure test prior to works beginning to ensure no leaks were present and constant pressure monitoring was conducted throughout the removal process


We sought the services of a qualified asbestos removalist and chose Mendelssohn Constructions because of their thorough and analytical approach to the project

Examiner Building
Examiner Building
Examiner Building