​Wilmot Power Station

Project Type

Asbestos Removal Tasmania

About The Project

The Wilmot Power Station is a conventional hydroelectric power station located in north-western Tasmania, Australia. Wilmot Power Station is the fourth station in the Mersey-Forth Scheme. The station was commissioned in 1971.

Wilmot Power Station

Project Overview

The scope of works was high risk requiring a level of expertise to ensure a safe environment for our workers and a quality result was delivered. The PowerStation was originally clad in an Galbestos coated steel sheet material which was rapidly deteriorating. The work included high level asbestos removal and installation of new cladding and roofing including bird proofing, new man hatch and frame supports. A 6-level scaffolding was erected to access the walls and roof for removal. Great detail and attention being given during the removal to maintain all areas unaffected by asbestos to ensure the historical value of the premises remains and that environmental contaminants were controlled.

Services and asbestos removal

Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed timeframes whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees and the public. Just some of these services included;

  • Asbestos removal
  • Steel works
  • Cladding and roofing
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Plumbing upgrades
  • Major crane works

Challenges encountered throughout project were;

  • High level scaffold erected and canter levered over water below
  • high level asbestos removal
  • Crane and man box works
  • Tight access and landing areas with numerous trades working altogether
  • Maintaining the building water tight from inclement weather while removing asbestos and reinstating the walls and roof linings.
Wilmot Power Station