​Forico Longreach North Mill demolition

Project Type

Demolition Tasmania

About The Project

Forico Pty Limited (Forico) acquired management control of the Long Reach Mill and Export Terminal sites in September 2014. The overall facility is a consolidation of two export chip mills that once operated as discrete facilities. At the time of demolition, the North Mill sector was in poor condition and had not been operational for about 12 years.

Project overview

The project required the removal of 15 unsafe and redundant buildings and machinery, special consideration to the surrounding environmental conditions was a priority to reduce environmental risk and the potential to cause environmental harm from the decommissioning stages. Total steel demolished and recycled volume over 3000 ton


Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed timeframes whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees and the public. Just some of these services included;

  • The demolition of 9 unstable buildings in various stages of deterioration;
  • The deconstruction and demolition of 6 pieces of equipment /machinery over 6 metres in height;
  • EPA disposal of all asbestos material and debris;


Challenges encountered throughout project were:

  • Working at heights for high level demolition of 3 buildings over 40m in height
  • Demolition of plant equipment ranging from 60-290 ton each peice
  • Control and removal of significant Hydrocarbons and asbestos
  • Thermic Lance cutting works in a high fire danger area
Forico Longreach North Mill demolition
Forico Longreach North Mill demolition