​Devonport Maternity Hospital

Project Type

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Tasmania

About The Project

Devonport’s former maternity hospital has been a concern for the community and council for many years, due to its dilapidated state and as a result attracting unwanted occupants. Residents calling for demolition.

Mendelssohn took control of the site and in December 2017 to complete the demolition. Demolition required the removal of the structure and also the building footings. Footings to be removed to 1.0m below ground and removal of all redundant services including; power, water, sewer, stormwater, energised services, poles and feeds.

Mendelssohn have worked closely with the local businesses and the general public to demolish the structure quickly and safely, while posing as little disruption to the community as possible. The building contained 7 levels in total and floor area of 1850m2 per level Approx.

Devonport Maternity Hospital

The demolition process required for the project was complexed and not without its challenges. Due to the position of the project, the public had a heightened interest in how the demolition was carried out, due to concerns regarding dust emissions and the potential of asbestos exposure.

Mendelssohn purchased a V12s Dust Suppression System that was used for water atomization. furthermore, to be used for asbestos removal and general dust suppression. This system is the 1st of its kind in Australia. Dust levels of the project were reduced significantly.

Once the project  finally reached the footings removal stage, we discovered that there was 600 metres of footings 5 metres deep and 1.2 metres wide. Consequently, this would need to be removed as a variation.


Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the demolition services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed timeframes, whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees and the public. in addition, some of these services included;

  • Safe demolition of an unstable 3 storey structure with an asbestos contaminated slab;
  • Top of the line asbestos decontamination of the site and vehicles;
  • Continuous air monitoring during the period of asbestos removal;
  • EPA disposal of all asbestos material and debris; and
  • establishment of access areas effective and safe access to high risk areas whilst not disrupting the daily flow of traffic within the area.
Devonport Maternity Hospital
Devonport Maternity Hospital