​Rowallan Power Station

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Galbestos asbestos removal at Rowallan

About The Project

Galbestos asbestos removal at Rowallan, Rowallan Power Station is located about 200 metres downstream of Rowallan Dam, which forms Lake Rowallan. The dam is one of the two main headwater storages in the Mersey Forth scheme and assists in regulating the water supply to four downstream power stations

The scope of works was high risk requiring a level of expertise to ensure a safe environment for our workers and a quality result was delivered. The Rowallan station was originally clad in an Galbestos asbestos coated steel sheet material which was rapidly deteriorating due to the relatively severe weather conditions in the area. The work removed and replaced all existing sheeting of approximately 1800m2.

requiring the removal of asbestos and reinstatement in an active High Voltage switchyard and above a water coarse, A 6-level scaffolding was erected to access the walls and roof for removal. Great detail and attention being given during the removal to maintain all areas unaffected by asbestos to ensure the historical value of the premises remains as well as environmental contaminants were controlled. In addition to the works conditions on site are extreme with cold winter mornings challenging the works progress due to frost and snow.

Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope well within the agreed timeframes whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees. Some of these services included;

  • Construction of personal and material lock areas
  • to asbestos removal system;
  • Top of the line asbestos decontamination unit installed on site;
  • EPA disposal of all asbestos material and debris;
  • Establishment of access areas for effective and safe access to high risk areas;
  • Combined team work with 2 x primary contractors for an effective working
  • relationship between all parties.
  • undertaking the requirements of Hydro permit systems and incorporating our Jaz- Anz system to adapt the their requirements
Galbestos asbestos removal at Rowallan
Galbestos asbestos removal at Rowallan