​Bell Bay power station Stator and Admin building Demolition

Project Type

Industrial demolition, Tasmania

About The Project

The Bell Bay Power Station was a power station located in Bell Bay, on the Tamar River, Tasmania, Australia, adjacent to the Tamar Valley Power Station, with which it was often confused. It was commissioned between 1971 and 1974 as an oil fired thermal power station, and was converted to natural gas in 2003,after the commissioning of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline, a submarine gas pipeline which transports natural gas from Longford, Victoria, under Bass Strait, to Bell Bay, Tasmania. As the power station’s primary role was to provide system security in the event of drought for Tasmania’s predominantly hydro-electric based generation system it only was rarely called on to operate, resulting in intervals of five to eight years between periods of significant use. After the commissioning of Basslink in 2006, the power station was decommissioned in 2009.

Bell Bay power station Stator and Admin building Demolition
At the time of decommissioning, it had two 120 megawatts (160,000 hp) gas fired steam turbines and three 35 megawatts (47,000 hp) gas turbines, giving a total capacity of 345 megawatts (463,000 hp) of electricity. After the Bell Bay Power Station was decommissioned, the three smaller units became part of the Tamar Valley Power Station.

Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed timeframes whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees and the public. Just some of these services included;

  • The demolition of 9 Stator units ranging from 50ton – 75 ton each
  • Internal strip out of 3 level administration building


Challenges encountered throughout project were:

  • Working at heights for high level building access for demolition
  • Extreme heavy steel sections handling and breaking down for recycling and transport
Bell Bay power station Stator and Admin building Demolition
Bell Bay power station Stator and Admin building Demolition