​Launceston City Council Works Depot

Project Type

Remediation Asbestos

About The Project

In December 2015, Mendelssohn Construction won the contract for the council remediation asbestos works. Specifically; roof materials, asbestos roped windows and finally, re pitch existing roof and new steel work.  All in all, a total of 2500 m2 of asbestos materials removed.

At that time, Mendelssohn construction shut the building down. Health and safety is indeed our top priority. We emptied the building and formed the exclusion zone, Furthermore, while adjacent roof sections were underway, an external exclusion zone also established.

In this case, areas of the works depot remained operational during remediation asbestos works. As a result, the methodology was complex. Namely, because council requirement for accessing certain areas in the building.

The overall project was in fact, under those circumstances, completed ahead of schedule and most of all, without defect. All things considered, we are very pleased with the final product delivered and our safety record for this site.

Launceston City Council Works Depot

In this case, a decontamination unit provided safe removal of all asbestos and remediation asbestos. In addition, a 3-stage decontamination shower unit and water management system were specifically constructed before project commencement. Also, a negative pressure chamber erected, that provided safe access to the clean change area.

furthermore, a boot wash system and stand alone water management was then installed to service the transit route.

Mendelssohn Construction has invested heavily in world class speciality equipment, providing the safest and most advanced remediation asbestos solutions.

Mendelssohn construction is at the same time, leading the Tasmanian Asbestos industry and continually improve our practises and processes.


The works were well planned and constructed well. Great customer service, kept the client in informed of any hazards and progress.

Launceston City Council Works Depot
Launceston City Council Works Depot