​Historical Tasmanian Hydro Power Station

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Asbestos Removal Tasmania

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Waddamana is the site of Hydro Tasmania’s first hydropower station. After a hard life of generating renewable energy, the station was put into retirement. The Waddamana power station now has a new life as a museum filled with original equipment and other displays. Waddamana buildings A and B are substantially intact examples of early 20th century hydro-electric power stations in generally good condition, retaining a high degree of integrity in respect to their construction and equipment

Historical Tasmanian Hydro Power Station
The scope of works was complexed requiring the removal of approximately 3000m2 of asbestos roof, wall cladding and internal linings on a historic building constructed in 1939. A 6-level scaffolding was erected to access the roof for removal with great detail and attention being given during the removal to maintain all areas unaffected by asbestos to ensure the historical value of the premises remains. In addition to the works conditions on site are extreme with cold winter mornings challenging the works progress due to frost and snow.

Mendelssohn Construction were able to provide the services and skills to achieve the scope within the agreed time frames whilst maintaining a safe work area for all employees. Some of these services included;

  • Construction of personal and material lock areas to removal system;
  • Top of the line asbestos decontamination unit installed on site;
  • EPA disposal of all asbestos material and debris;
  • Establishment of access areas for effective and safe access to high risk areas;
  • Combined team work with 2 x primary contractors for an effective working relationship between all parties.
Historical Tasmanian Hydro Power Station
Historical Tasmanian Hydro Power Station
Historical Tasmanian Hydro Power Station